How to Zero a Vape

by Umair Nazaqat on Apr 08, 2024

How to Zero a Vape

The zero vaping technique is the inhalation of vapors in a manner that minimizes visible vapor. This is done by using pod devices that have lower wattage coils, but higher nicotine levels. The vapors produced are lighter and quickly dissipate in the air.

This allows a vaper take small puffs of vapor without creating large clouds of smoke. how to zero a vape this method is more controlled than other vaping methods, because it's easy to puff too hard and produce too much visible vapor. Vapers who are experienced can control their puffing patterns to achieve near-zero visibility when exhaling vapor from their vape devices. This technique allows for greater discretion and freedom when vaping stealthily.

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Understanding the Importance of Zeroing:

Before we dive into how to zero a vape, let's first discuss why this practice is necessary. Over time, residue from previous vaping sessions may clog the chamber and airflow system, detracting from flavor quality and performance of your device. Zeroing removes this build-up to provide pure vapor every time. Furthermore, clearing your chamber before refilling helps guarantee consistent flavor experience - guaranteeing you an enjoyable vaping session every time!

Step-By-Step Guide to Zeroing Your Vape:

Here are some step to zeroing your vape:

1. Disassemble Your Device:

To start zeroing your vape device, the first step should be disassembling its various parts - tank/pod/coil etc - for easier cleaning access of chamber and airflow system chamber/airflow system chamber.

2. Discard of Old Coils If Necessary: 

For optimal flavor and vapor production, using replaceable coil systems requires disposing of any worn out or burnt-out coils as soon as they appear - especially if worn-out coils affect flavor or production negatively. This step must not be overlooked!

3. Clean Your Chamber and Airflow System:

 Carefully use cotton swabs or soft bristle brushes to gently cleanse the chamber and airflow system of your vape device, paying special attention to any build-up of residue or buildup in this step. Isopropyl alcohol may help for stubborn residue; otherwise use an approved cleaning solution made for vapes instead. After finishing cleaning up, make sure you rinse it all off well with water to eliminate any cleaning agents used during this step.

4. Reassemble Your Device:

With both chamber and airflow system clean and dry, reassemble your vape device carefully ensuring all parts are firmly fastened to prevent leakage or malfunction of any kind.

5. Prime Your Coil If Needed: 

For new coil installations, priming is essential before use. Apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto any exposed cotton wicking material and allow it to soak for several minutes; this step helps avoid dry hits while prolonging coil lifespan.

6. Let the E-Liquid Soak:

After filling up your tank or pod with liquid, allow enough time for it to soak into its wicking material in order to ensure maximum saturation of vape hits upon vaping. Doing this ensures accurate flavor production without dry hits when vaping starts up again.

7. Adjust Settings and Vape:

After your e-liquid has had time to soak into its wicking material, make any necessary changes to your device settings to your preferred wattage/temperature and take some primer puffs (quick, short inhalations to test airflow/wicking issues) then enjoy! You have now successfully zeroed out vaping!

Tips for Maximum Zeroing:

  • Cleaning your vape device regularly to eliminate residue build-up and ensure optimal performance is key, along with replacing coils regularly in order to enjoy fresh flavorful vaping experiences without experiencing burnt hits.
  • Experiment with various cleaning solutions and techniques until you discover which works best for your device. 
  • Once finished, store it appropriately when not being used to prevent dust accumulation.

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How to zero a vape? It is an essential step towards maintaining optimal flavor, vapor production, and overall performance of the device. By following our step-by-step guide and applying its tips you're guaranteed a consistently enjoyable vaping session every time! So take some time out of every session to zero your vape properly for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction on every vaping session!